Content Marketing Trends Ideas to Watch for this 2017

Content Marketing Trends Ideas

The growth of content marketing sometimes feels like it will never end, but even if it does continue to grow, they have already reached a highly competitive field. The content marketing landscape is so busy that producing high-quality and high-value content is a minimum requirement. You must look also for Content Marketing Trends ideas.

A good distribution network to support it is also a must. Finally, staying up to date with the latest content marketing trends is a vital part of getting ahead of the competition and keeping your audience. With that in mind, here are the predictions for 2017.

Content marketing has evolved over the past several years and will continue to go through some transformations in the coming year. Are you ready?
The purpose of content marketing is to give your audience something relevant and timely and provides what they want. As market archetypes shift, technologies evolve, and consumer preferences change. “What do they want?” becomes a more difficult question to answer. Savvy content marketers need to evaluate the subjective situations and adapt at a faster rate than ever before. They need to keep refreshed with all the latest trends.

Content marketing is crucially important in many niches and for many business models. But you already know that, and you probably know what kind of content you need.

You might find one or two that can give you the basics you’ll need for the upcoming discussion. This post offers an overview of what to expect for 2017 and beyond. You’ll also find some tips on how to use the news and analysis to get more attention.

Five Trends To Watch:

  • Live streaming will grow in popularity. Of course, recorded video will continue to be popular. Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and SnapChat offer easy-to-use platforms for hosting live product briefings, tours, tutorials, product launch events, and more content.
  • Virtual reality might take off. Some companies have begun using VR to showcase premium products. The North Face, the outdoor clothing company, has used VR technology already to highlight their products and athletes. This can be a powerful but expensive way to showcase products and services. While this trend probably won’t be available to small and medium-sized businesses in the next year, once the technology becomes cheaper you will see it proliferate.
  • More email newsletters. Most B2B marketers use email newsletters to reach prospects and share information with clients. If you were considering a newsletter or a different newsletter, 2017 is probably a good time to launch. This is because email open rates are going up in certain cases.
  • Storytelling will become a key part of content marketing. Good storytelling in business is more than just a case study. This also highlights that audiences are beginning to tire of the idea of content for content’s sake. Simply blogging to have a blog or updating social media for the sake of it will not cut it anymore. You need to engage with your audience and tell them a story.
  • Push advertising will fade away and be replaced with native advertising. Ad blockers and general distaste for online advertising are making it harder to reach consumers with banners, pop- ups, paid ads, and pop-unders. However, this trend has been coming for quite a while.

Extensive adoption of content based promotion is raging across all industries. In 2017, the practice will continue to thrive even more, especially in small and medium-sized businesses.

Content marketing offers better engagement, better conversions, and usually, costs less than other forms of marketing. Besides, with a constantly increasing number of ad-blocker software users across the globe, content marketing becomes the only way to get a message through with assurance. This year, brands will need to focus more on content marketing.

Content Marketing Trends IdeasContent marketing trends ideas will help you reap the maximum benefits out of your content marketing strategy in 2017.

Production of more user-friendly content

The number of online users is constantly increasing, and so does content consumption. This has made businesses think that producing more content is the right way to get into the limelight through content marketing. In fact, 70% of B2B marketers plan to create more content in 2017 compared to last year. However, that’s only half of the solution.


Companies have always relied on influencing individuals to increase their brand awareness (hint: celebrity endorsement). However, with the rise of social media in recent years and an increasing number of influential individuals on these platforms, today, influencer marketing has grabbed the top position in the checklist of marketers.

Content personalization

Today, most companies use analytics for customer segmentation in order to target specific customer groups in a better way. How CCD engaged football lovers in 2014 is a great example of devising a content marketing campaign around certain audiences.

Video content

Video content is not a new concept, as brands have been using videos as their website banner, in social media updates, email content, etc. for quite some time. And now with better video compression algorithms in place (and at the same time, with the internet’s growing penetration), videos are being used extensively to send across a brand message, promote offerings, or simply for the purpose of engagement.

Social media as a source of news

Social media giant Facebook recently faced a series of lawsuits for showing fake news in its trending section. Many are of the opinion that Facebook’s manipulated trending section also impacted the outcome of the recent presidential election.

All this is happening because people are increasingly relying on social networks as a wellspring of news. A survey was done in early 2016 states that already more than 50% of social media users use it as the source of news. As per statistics, 61% of digital marketers rely on Facebook to advertise monthly.

Content marketing is the most important growth channel for startups.

The value of content marketing is undisputed. A study by Smart Insights and HubSpot found that 53% of marketers see clear ROI and 43% at least see opportunities. But content is a big word. It includes countless topics, formats, and distribution channels.

When new technology is released or a new format is discovered, customers demand it, and they’re often forced to start producing before they understand what they’re making. Operating on the “hey-this-is-cool-let’s-make-a-lot-right-now” model is a sure way to burn through resources without certain results.

To stay fresh and competitive, you have to anticipate the coming trends and have the right types of content ready before the customers find it somewhere else. In 2017, you should make sure you’re capitalizing on these trends.

These trends will undoubtedly be big this year, but that doesn’t mean you have to employ them all. Make sure you use strategies that are right for your brand. For instance, if video just doesn’t make sense for your industry/niche/customer/brand, don’t use it.

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