Ways to Enhance Your Content-Marketing Strategy


Whether you’re selling t-shirts or homemade jewelry, by now you have probably learned that you should be advertising your company with content. That’s because trust is created by creating precious free content, builds your brand, keeps people informed, gives you something to share on social media and can help you rank in search engines.

Content marketing has evolved into a major part of marketing strategies from a buzzword for companies of all sizes. 37% of business to consumer (B2C) marketers have a certificate content advertising strategy, and 61% of the most effective business-to-business (B2B) marketers meet daily or weekly with their content marketing team.

Content marketing can create astonishing results when done accurately, and with 2016 right around the corner, it’s the ideal time to make sure that your strategy is mapped out. While you fix and intend, contemplate these points.

It Starts With a Personal Link

Imagine you walk into a cafe full of strangers and state that you’re a professional golfer, then talk about your love of knitting all night every time somebody tries to start a dialog. Since your title doesn’t fit your content, you confound folks. So they weren’t looking for your kind of interests in the very first place, also, you’re in a jazz cafe. The place for a dialogue about knitting was wrong.

Believe beyond just a blog

Don’t assume that a website alone will fulfill your content marketing efforts blogs, eBooks, infographics, webinars, and podcasts are examples of different sorts of content you could mix into your strategy.

This past year the amount of video from individuals and brands in Facebook’s news feed grown 3.6X year-over-year. The video is simple to share as well as a sort of visual content that end-users love to engage with. The prevalence of blogging continues to grow also, and I feel it’s a good strategy to let your prospects and target market in your world. I’ve got a blog in development that will be launching mid-year in 2016 that I’m incredibly excited about.

Use Photo-Significant Content

As an e-commerce company, you’re selling products, so get that camera out and learn how to get images that are really wonderful in your content.

I work for a B2B business, so when I see how e-commerce firms using pictures that are beautiful as part of their content strategies, it makes me so jealous I could scream.

Be Entertaining

Great content doesn’t constantly need to be amusing, but individuals have an innate admiration for content that causes them cry, laugh, or to cringe. As revealed by Daniel Tosh, content may be made more digestible if it’s entertaining and forms an emotional link with an audience, even if on an essential level. Users also tend to discuss and share content a good deal more when it affects them on an emotional level. A successful content strategy should seek to produce and distribute content your audience consistently shares that, but that also can be shared easily.

Be Relevant

Comprehending what is appropriate, popular, or timely content for your market is another important hurdle to cross. An effective content strategy looks for distributing content and formats content to be channel specific at all channels. For instance, although a video you produce may be applicable to your target market total, take into consideration how to modify content based on whether you’re spreading through your site, an on-demand video platform, or at a trade show.

The time of day or the season can also play into your content strategy. A week or a week early can make your content applicable and make you look uninformed. As you work to shove our timely content, look at involvement and performance predicated on analytic data, not common sense premises. Avert simplifying or shortening your content based on your own channel, when simplifying the user experience could be done instead.

The final thing that you desire will be to remove important elements of your content as you think users won’t want to take on a mobile device, say, versus on their desktop computer, in so much info. Drew Thomas makes a superb case for this in his article about reactive design and keeping content reachable.

Be Consistent

Individuals like patterns. They would like to find what they’re looking for, minus surprises. User engagement will endure from this irregular inconsistency while it may seem that audiences yearn for a new strategy if you change too much or too frequently. This consistency pertains to voice and your tone as well. In case you jump around too much and fall into a cycle of multiple personalities, your audience may find the content to be dizzying and unpredictable.

A great content strategy lays out a repeatable system to govern content development and publishing. That goes for a frequency of messaging too. Without being an annoyance, you want to stay in front of your audience as much as possible.

How often should I upgrade my content advertising strategy?
Some parts of your strategy should stay consistent as your content marketing plan grows and evolves — your mission, specifically and company aims. The truth is, these two things are so key that you might want to put them on a Post-it note whenever you are working on your content, so you can keep them in view.

Nevertheless, other elements of your content marketing strategy will probably benefit from being reviewed and updated periodically. To make sure that your content marketing program remains on target, consider revisiting core topics, your channel strategy, and team processes on an annual basis — or more often if you’re just getting started.